service and support

Medical Cart Repair

Need to repair your fleet?  We maintain a network of authorized service providers for ALL major manufacturers of Mobile Computing Hardware.  Whether you need on-site repair or a comprehensive preventative maintenance plan to keep your Point of Care equipment in optimal condition, we have you covered.

Deployment and Planning

Planning & Deployment

"Where are we going to put all this stuff??"  If you find yourself thinking this, we can help.  Space Saving Solutions offers a wide range of expert planning and roll-out services.  Whether you need help installing your new equipment or reorganizing the workflow and storage scheme of your entire establishment, we have the skills and experience to make it easy for you.

Mobile Power Upgrades

Mobile Power Upgrades and Repair

Ensure access to critical information at the point of care.  Let us evaluate and repair your defective power system components.  When there's no time for downtime, we can send you new or refurbished batteries and power supplies through our Mobile Power Exchange Programs.  Once your new units are installed and running smoothly, simply send us your old equipment for refurbishment.

Mobile Technology

Technology Consultation

Make integration and retrofitting a breeze!  Whether you're looking for the right laptopPCThin ClientTablet or Monitor, our IT experts can help you source the technology that fits your unique workflow.  

Refurbished Fleet

Refurbished Cart Sales

Minimize ownership investment without sacrificing performance and support!  Our refurbished carts are thoroughly stripped, inspected and rebuilt to ensure lasting performance and like-new cosmetics while addressing budget concerns.  Let us find your perfect cart at a fraction of the cost.  

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Accessories & Peripherals

Don't see what you're looking for on our e-commerce site?  
Contact us for a complete selection of accessories that can be mounted to your mobile equipment or wall, including keyboards, computer mice, scanners & holders, sanitary wipe & glove box holders, storage units and MUCH MORE!